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Executive Director Letter 1/9/18

As you think about your New Year’s resolutions, how about developing a better understanding of yourself? Might there be something in your unconscious that informs the ways you respond to gender, race, or other traits? Something that would surprise even you? Maybe finding this out would change you, make you more aware, perhaps even act differently?

If I have your attention, take a few minutes to complete the bias test below (even retaking it can be revealing). Project Implicit is a non-profit organization that developed this test and describes the reasons for their research as follows:

“People don’t always say what’s on their minds. One reason is that they are unwilling. For example, someone might report smoking a pack of cigarettes per day because they are embarrassed to admit that they smoke two. Another reason is that they are unable. A smoker might truly believe that she smokes a pack a day, or might not keep track at all. The difference between being unwilling and unable is the difference between purposely hiding something from someone and unknowingly hiding something from yourself. The Implicit Association Test (IAT) measures attitudes and beliefs that people may be unwilling or unable to report. The IAT may be especially interesting if it shows that you have an implicit attitude that you did not know about. For example, you may believe that women and men should be equally associated with science, but your automatic associations could show that you (like many others) associate men with science more than you associate women with science.”

All you need to do is register and log into Project Implicit, then take the social attitudes test. PROJECT IMPLICIT SOCIAL ATTITUDES

The new year has started with frigid weather in Baltimore. We are starkly reminded of the hardships faced by people without a home or safe place to stay. It is remarkable that anyone can survive. My hat and support goes out to the people who provide shelter, warmth, and stability at times like this and all throughout the year. It was also a reminder of how much attention we need to give our children. No one should have to attend schools without heat during periods of sub-zero temperatures.

The cold also affected artists with studios in the Post Office Garage building at 439 E. Preston St. It's tennants were evicted by the city after a pipe burst inside the building last night. Although they were given short notice, members of the Arts Safe Space Task Force and Baltimore City of Department of Housing and Community Development are working to support the residents with accommodations for their art, building access, and by working with the owners to resolve the immediate problems with the building.

Here’s to warmer weather,


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