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More News on Public Housing

As a supporter of the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance (GBCA), I want to provide you with some information about recent events. You likely share our concern for the safety of artists in Baltimore's many impromptu live-work spaces and are interested making it possible for artists to continue living, working, and contributing to Baltimore.

On Friday, I was honored to be included in a compelling piece on PBS Newshour, along with Stewart Watson from Area 405, which profiled the impact on artists in Baltimore (see below).

The tremendous loss of life at the fire in Oakland has hit the close-knit underground artist community very hard. The subsequent eviction of artists from the Bell Foundry in Baltimore, remind us all of how fragile the life and economy of artists can be. In addition to professional development and funding, artists need safe and reliable places to live, create, produce, and exhibit or perform.

In its role as a bridge between the artists’ community, resources, and influence, GBCA is working with our colleagues, planners, and City government to help find solutions to making affordable, safe housing, and work space available to artists. As such, we hope you will continue to support our efforts with a year-end contribution.

GBCA serves the entire sector, and our membership includes more than 400 organizations and artists who along with the region’s entire cultural sector, rely on our services and advocacy.

Knowing that the cultural scene is a big part of what makes Baltimore so special, we are excited that Mayor Catherine Pugh has already affirmed her commitment to this task.

The recently released report, Creativity Connects: Trends and Conditions Affecting U.S. Artists provides a detailed picture of the impact of environment, income, and technology on the creative class. The report was prepared by the Center for Cultural Innovation for the National Endowment for the Arts.


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