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Mount Rainier, Maryland 2020 Mural Project Call for Qualifications

The Mount Rainier Arts Commission is excited to request Artist Qualifications for a public mural project at 3310 Rhode Island Avenue. The Commission will accept applications from November 28th, 2019 through January 7th, 2020. All artists must apply at , and should upload all required documents to the project listing titled, Mount Rainier 2020 Mural Project (MD). Please see below for project description.

Call Summary
The Mount Rainier Arts Commission is currently accepting qualifications for a mural installed on the façade of a newly renovated building located at 3310 Rhode Island Avenue in the City of Mount Rainier, Maryland. The building is adjacent to a main thoroughfare into Washington, DC and will be viewed by tens of thousands of commuters daily. Part of the Gateway Arts District, Mount Rainier is home to over 150 art studios that contribute to the enrichment of the community.

Project Description
The mural will be installed on the front and side façades of a newly renovated building located at 3310 Rhode Island Avenue in the City of Mount Rainier, Maryland. This building will host a new farm-to-table restaurant, Pennyroyal Station, focusing on mid-atlantic inspired cuisine and opening in early 2020. The exterior walls are stucco, and have been recently renovated. The condition of the stucco is very good, is clean, and is textured as represented in the image below. The Art Commission does not expect any significant wall preparation prior to the implementation of the mural.

The selected artists will be expected to use appropriate materials to ensure the longevity of the mural for at least 10. The design space is designated to the entire front and side facades of the building, however, complete coverage isn’t necessary, and is dependent on the design of the mural. The front facade is 65 feet long with two tiers approximately 30 and 25 feet in height. The side facade, hosting the main entrance, is approximately 15’ W x 25’ H.

There will be an awning installed above the first story windows for patio diners, and the selected artist(s) may have to consider its placement in relation to the final design of the mural.

Artwork Goals
With a focus on highlighting public and business assets of Mount Rainier, the Arts Commission is seeking a contemporary artwork that will enrich our community. We seek a project that will also enhance the visual experience and provide lasting inspiration for public involvement in the arts, while maintaining a commitment to quality and a positive impact on the community.

Artwork Location Description
Located in one of Mount Rainier’s business districts, the mural will be designated to the front and side facade of the building that hosts a newly established restaurant, Penny Royal Station. The front façade houses a patio for diners, which will have an awning. The side façade contains the main entrance to the restaurant. Artists are welcome to include any part of these designated areas into the composition, and are encouraged to consider the history and character of the community when formulating a design.


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