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Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA) Explore This! 14
Colored Pencil Society of America
Attn: Cheryl Cox
1900 E. Foster Crossing Rd.
Ana, TX 75409-8245


Event Dates: 2/1/18 - 1/31/19
Entry Deadline: 11/15/17
Days remaining to deadline: 8


Images - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 2
Total Media - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 2

Entry Fee (Colored Pencil Society of America Explore This! 14): $20.00

Artist Eligibility
Explore This! is open to living artists 18 years or older, regardless of geographic location. CPSA members and non-members are eligible to enter. CPSA members receive an entry discount, but do not receive preferential treatment for selection by or awards from the juror.

Entry Fees
Nonrefundable entry fee:

CPSA members $15 (2018 membership year)

Nonmembers $20

Awards include a $2,000 cash award for Best of Show and EXPY Award, with lesser amounts and product awards given to other winners.

Acceptance and Award Notification
Artists may enter two different pieces, but only one piece per artist may be accepted into the show. No notifications of acceptance are sent by CPSA. It is the responsibility of the artist to check the CPSA website ( after January 15, 2018, to learn of acceptance. However, award winners will be notified by email.

Earning CPX Signature Status
CPSA members may earn CPX signature status (the right to include the letters CPX after their name) by having their art appear in three CPSA Explore This! online exhibitions within ten years (starting no earlier than the first online exhibition in 2009).

NOTE: Any lapse in CPSA membership results in loss of prior acceptances and forfeiture of CPX signature status.

Artwork Specifications

This is a mixed media exhibition. While your entry must be predominantly colored pencil, it must also include one or more of the following:

Other media added to the colored pencil, (e.g., ink, watercolor, acrylics)


Artist-prepared surface

100% colored pencil applied to a three-dimensional (3-D) surface

NOT Allowed:

Work that is 100% colored pencil on a single two- dimensional (2-D) surface, regardless of size.

Work copied from copyrighted or published materials. Concept, design, and execution of the artwork shall be SOLELY that of the artist.

Collaborations (works executed by more than one artist).

Work constructed from colored pencils.

Work copied exactly from someone else’s photograph—even with permission. Photo references (other than your own) may be used only to help compose your original concept.

Work produced by simply coloring over a digital image of any kind printed onto your working surface. The incidental application of printed photos (such as when part of a collage) is permitted.

Artists may submit only one digital image for each 2-D work and up to two digital images for each 3-D work (sculpture). Entries must be submitted to the CPSA Explore This! 14 exhibition on the CaFÉ website.

Artwork must have been completed after November 15, 2014, and not appeared in any previous CPSA Explore This! exhibition.

Once submitted, information about your entry cannot be changed on the CaFÉ website. NOTE: You may, however, ask the CPSA exhibitions director to change the artwork price to NFS (not for sale) any time during the exhibition.

Be sure you’re happy with your image. CaFÉ does not permit any image changes or replacements after submission.
CPSA reserves the right to disallow a work if it fails to comply with show specifications.

Penalties for Non-­compliance

Immediate removal of disallowed work from show and omission from To The Point, CPSA website, DVD, etc.

Return of any money or goods awarded as prizes.

Forfeiture of CPX signature status and merit awards; acceptance will not count toward CPX signature.

Artwork Sales

Artwork may be for sale or not for sale. A for-sale designation may be changed during the show by notifying the exhibitions director ([email protected]). CPSA will forward any inquiries about purchasing artwork to the artist. It is the responsibility of the artist to finalize the sale.


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