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Elevation Awards Now Open for Residents of West Baltimore

Elevation Awards

BMe Baltimore x Baltimore Corps

BMe Community and Baltimore Corps have partnered together in an new initiative, called the ELEVATION AWARDS, that will deploy planning grants and tailored support to residents of West Baltimore piloting novel approaches to strengthening their community. The aim of the program is two-fold:

To directly leverage the assets of communities to pioneer new solutions in social entrepreneurship.

Elevate communities as leaders of community solutions and support the early-stage pipeline of social entrepreneurs in Baltimore.

To accomplish these aims, the Elevation Awards will deploy three grants of $10,000. At the end of the grant cycle, grantees will have the opportunity to showcase their idea to prospective seed funders.

Program Outline

BMe will anchor the search for applicants, working with a wide range of partners to distribute the grant opportunity. Baltimore Corps will support the search process by providing marketing and social media support as well as additional outreach capacity. Program Partners such as Impact Hub, Humanim/Invested Impact as well as members of the faith community and other community-based organizations will also support search efforts.

The application will be simple and accessible, focusing on three key areas:

What is the purpose of your project or idea and why is it different from what already exists?

Who will benefit or be impacted by your project or idea?

How will you grow your project or idea, and what supports do you need to achieve this growth?

To help screen and select grantees, a representative Selection Committee will be assembled to implement the review, and selection, of Grantees. Members of the committee should include: a) successful social entrepreneurs from West Baltimore, b) community leaders drawn from institutions of faith, community-based organizations, c) employees from T. Rowe Price, d) leaders of leading incubators, accelerators and/or co-working spaces.



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