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POWER Speaker Series Art-Part’heid: White Supremacy, Race & Arts Equity with Original Art-Part’heid Members

MFA in Community Arts @ MICA PLACE

POWER Speaker Series

Art-Part’heid: White Supremacy, Race & Arts Equity

with Original Art-Part’heid Members

Tuesday, February 23, 7-9 PM (free and open to the public)

MICA PLACE, 814 N. Collington Avenue

Baltimore, Maryland, 21205

It's the anniversary of Art-Part’heid, City Papers' Best Overdue Conversation as announced in its 2015 Best of Baltimore issue. Art-Part’heid: 500 artists, art supporters, community organizers, business owners, activists and stakeholders gathered together on a Super Bowl Sunday to talk about white supremacy, race and arts equity as it pertains to the Baltimore arts scene. With a talented, diverse panel of artists and arts organization members — people stayed for over three hours and shared space, made art and really listened to one another. It felt good.

One year later, what has changed, what needs to change and where do we go from here? To this end, we are looking for submissions for RISING: An Arts Equity Zine. All entries are due March 1.

Join Art-Part’heid, as we reflect, project and agree on the need for transformation and equity in the Baltimore arts scene.


The POWER Speaker Series addresses the concept and reality of "power,” that which impacts us all…all over the world. This 20-week investigation provides a uniquely civil, yet aggressive investigation addressing a myriad of power-related topics, issues and perspectives. Hosted by the MFA in Community Arts at MICA PLACE, 814 North Collington Avenue in East Baltimore, everyone is welcome to contribute as part of this inclusive set of discussions.


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