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the Experiment

the Experiment

[Baltimore, USA 02/25/2024] — ‘The Experiment’ exhibition is set to disrupt the art scene with its bold exploration of unconventional mediums and their impact on audience behavior in the digital age. Curated to provoke thought and inspire conversation by Erhan Us, ‘The Experiment’ pushes the boundaries of contemporary art, inviting viewers to question established norms and engage with creativity in new and unexpected ways.

In a world where traditional reading habits dissolve amidst the ever–changing landscape of digital consumption, the exhibition embraces the Brechtian notion of discomfort to challenge viewers' perceptions and foster a deeper connection with the artworks on display. By both attacking and manipulating mainstream habits, ‘The Experiment’ creates a dynamic experience that transcends traditional modes of interpretation.

“We are thrilled to present 'The Experiment' to audiences”, says Erhan Us, curator of the exhibition. ”This show represents a departure from the ordinary, a journey into uncharted territory where creativity knows no bounds. By embracing unconventional mediums and pushing the limits of what is considered acceptable, 'The Experiment' offers a fresh perspective on the ever–evolving landscape of contemporary art”.

"The Experiment" is not just an exhibition; it is a catalyst for change, challenging viewers to reevaluate their relationship with art and embrace the transformative power of creativity via diverse materials and disciplines by artists Ariana Leon, Bobbie Waugaman, Grusha Sabharwal, Hedy Ward, Jalón Ashley, Lily Raines, Meg Clerc, Teddi Kabler, William Okaily.

Join us on March 8th at the reception, Night Owl Gallery for an exploration of the unconventional and a celebration of the limitless potential of artistic expression [exhibition dates: 02/26—03/11].

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