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Joscho Stephan & Sven Jungbeck "Swinging Strings"

Joscho Stephan & Sven Jungbeck "Swinging Strings"

Join guitarists Joscho Stephan & Sven Jungbeck for a swingin' night of django jazz at An die Musik Live!

Joscho Stephan has shaped modern gypsy swing like no other: With his authentic tone, harmonic finesse and rhythmic flair, but above all with his breathtaking solo technique, Stephan has earned himself an outstanding reputation in the international guitar scene. Like no other, he knows how to stand out from the multitude of current Gypsy Swing adaptations by combining Gypsy Swing with Latin, Classical and Pop, in addition to the many interpretations of the well-known classics of the genre. This shows Stephan's strength as a creative visionary. And this inspires young and old concert audiences alike.

For the American tour, Joscho has Sven Jungbeck on board, who is also the regular rhythm guitarist in the Joscho Stephan Trio. Although Sven Jungbeck played mainly electric jazz guitar in his younger years, he now plays almost exclusively acoustic. His greatest influence (as with Joscho) is the guitar virtuoso Django Reinhardt, but he has also intensively studied the fingerstyle guitar music of the American guitarist Chet Atkins as well as bluegrass, folk and country blues. Sven is well known as a teacher of Gypsy Swing through his Youtube channel and the Proper Chords videos. He has played with Paulus Schäfer, Jimmy Rosenberg, Wawau Adler, Olli Soikkeli and many other stars of the gypsy swing scene.

In-person seats: $25 / $10 students
In-person attendees receive a link to the recording to view for one week.

Streaming passes: $15
The link will be sent out 15 minutes before the show and will remain active through March 14

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An die Musik

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Thursday, March 7, 2024, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM


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