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Come on Down! Basement Comedy and Game Show Night!

Come on Down! Basement Comedy and Game Show Night!

Join Highwire Improv for a high-energy night of comedy with some of the city's best comedians.

Never been to an improv show? It's spontaneous theater, off-the-cuff laughs, and a real good time! You'll get to see some of Baltimore's best improv comedy troupes do what they do best!

Our lineup - show starts at 7pm ET:

Sandcats (Formerly David Bowie) Sandcats performs a Pretty Spokane where they spin a narrative filled with flashbacks, flashforwards and what-ifs!

Carbon Copy brings you a scifi/fantasy themed surreal montage. Winners of the Baltimore Improv Showdown!

Improv Jeoparty is the fast-paced primetime comedy gameshow taking Baltimore by storm! Why answer trivia questions when you can do impressions, jokes, and improv scenes?!

What is an improv show, exactly?

Improv is live theater created spontaneously by the performers with the inspiration of the audience. Unless noted otherwise, it’s a comedy show, made even more exciting, intriguing, and hilarious by the fact that none of it is pre-scripted! At an improv show you’ll see a wide range of creative and fascinating humans perform a highwire act by making comedy out of thin air! It can take many forms, including short competitive games, slice of life scenes, and full length sitcom or movie style performances!

A Highwire Improv show is truly a once in a lifetime performance, never done before and never to be done again!

About the venue:

Riverside Third Space is a gathering space open to the whole community. We host events in collaboration with the Salem congregation and other local partner organizations centered around social justice, wellness, and recreation. R3S is also open to the community to host private events and recurring programs.

The performance venue is partially accessible and has a chair lift - for any questions email [email protected]!

Find out accessibility details about all of our venues here.

About Highwire Improv:

Highwire Improv’s mission is to steward a community of artists committed to growth, collaboration, joy, and justice — in Baltimore and around the world — through improvisational theater. Learn more at

Event Contact

Barry Wright

Event Details

Friday, July 19, 2024, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM


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