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Coming Attractions: The John Waters Collection

Coming Attractions: The John Waters Collection

John Waters’ bequest of 372 works by 125 artists brings a particular cutting-edge articulation of American individualism to the BMA’s collection, particularly as it relates to queer identity and freedom of expression. Waters favors works that are visually witty, abstract, and often refer to the absurdities of the art world.

To showcase this provocative gift, queer photographers Catherine Opie and Jack Pierson are guest curating highlights from the collection for the BMA’s Nancy Dorman and Stanley Mazaroff Center for the Study of Prints, Drawings and Photographs.

The exhibition will include approximately 90 paintings, sculptures, photographs, and prints by Diane Arbus, Nan Goldin, Mike Kelley, Richard Prince, Cindy Sherman, Gary Simmons, Cy Twombly, Andy Warhol, Christopher Wool, Erwin Wurm, and Betsy the Chimpanzee, among others.

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Sarah Pedroni

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Repeats weekly Sunday and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday and Saturday -- until Sunday April 16, 2023 -- except Thursday November 24, 2022, Sunday December 25, 2022, Sunday January 1, 2023.


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