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VIRTUAL PERFORMANCE: Wordsmith, The Blue-Collar Recital: A Day in the Life

VIRTUAL PERFORMANCE: Wordsmith, The Blue-Collar Recital: A Day in the Life


The Blue-Collar Recital: A Day in the Life

Wordsmith, Baltimore-based rapper, musician and entrepreneur

Message driven lyrics, catchy melodies and relatable concepts all make Wordsmith’s The Blue-Collar Recital a blueprint for our everyday life. Wordsmith will take the audience through a days’ worth of blue-collar trials and triumphs common to all walks of life. Storytelling will be on full display as he weaves tales of living life check to check, the joy of promotions, displaying brilliance, losing faith, filling voids and keeping promises. Lovely interludes will transition musical pieces while Wordsmith delivers an opening summary of each song prior to its presentation. At the conclusion of the concert, Wordsmith would like to hold a Q&A with the audience as a means to bond, share stories and comment on aspects of the presentation.

One of Wordsmith’s main priorities is creating diversity among the arts in Maryland. Performing Hip Hop with a strong motivational message while entertaining, educating and inspiring; a natural promotion of positivity that can impact the general public. This concert will also highlight Hip Hop culture in America through the art of storytelling, singing, and live instrumentation. The end result: a better understanding of our unique cultures with the goal of unity at the forefront.

$15 door fee for guests and subscribers (no fee for members)

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Art Seminar Group

Event Details

Tuesday, April 20, 2021, 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM


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