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How To Be Anti-Racist Workshop

How To Be Anti-Racist Workshop

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The fabric of racism is inextricably woven and constructed into the founding principles of the United States. However, racism was done and can be undone through effective anti-racist education with, and in accountability to the communities most impacted by racism. Brittany Oliver will facilitate a workshop on how to divest from racism and prejudice at all levels and explain why it is important to show solidarity.

Participants will:

Build a clear understanding of key concepts such as racial equity and structural racism

Learn to talk about race constructively within their organizations and with their constituents

Gain tools and practices for counteracting racial bias in their work and practices

Identify opportunities and next steps for applying concepts and strategies to advance racial equity

Develop and commit a call to action: what are you already doing, and what more can you do

Presented by Brittany Oliver, an award-winning activist, speaker, keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and media professional from Baltimore, MD.

Brittany has worked in the media/communications industry for several years, often serves as a keynote and guest speaker for events of all types and regularly conducts workshops on various topics for leaders, influencers, nonprofits and businesses on race and/or gender equity and intersectionality, media training and development, content strategy planning, public policy design and more.

She has facilitated trainings and workshops at institutions such as John’s Hopkins University Center for Social Concern, the Global Women’s Institute, University of Baltimore, Institute for Policy Studies, UMBC Women’s Center and more.

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Tracy Dimond

Event Details

Sunday, September 20, 2020, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM


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