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LIVE Virtual Tour of the Peale

LIVE Virtual Tour of the Peale

In conjunction with the MW20 Online conference, on March 31 we'll be offering a live virtual tour of the Peale with Executive Director Nancy Proctor and David London: curator, magician, and the Peale's Chief Experience Officer.

It's free! Just click the link you'll find in the online program to join from any browser. More details here.Take a virtual tour of the historic Peale Museum building, the first purpose-built museum in the country, with Executive Director, Nancy Proctor, and Chief Experience Officer, David London. Hear some of the many stories the building holds, from its founding by Rembrandt Peale, of the Peale family of artists, innovators, and entrepreneurs, to its role as the first public high school in the state of Maryland to offer a secondary education to African Americans. See vintage gas street lights – a technology introduced to the city by Peale in 1816 – and the oldest still extant public sculpture in America, in the Peale’s pollinator garden. And hear how the Peale is being reinvented today with the city’s communities as a home for Baltimore stories, and a laboratory for museum practice.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2020, 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM

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