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A sold-out hit in London, "Grounded" tells the story of a hot-rod F16 fighter pilot whose unexpected pregnancy ends her career in the skies over the Middle East. She finds herself instead flying remote-controlled drones half a world away while in a comfortable trailer just outside of Vegas. Her 12-hour shift now consists of staring at a grey-screen monitor targeting terrorists by day and playing dutiful wife and mother by night. Soon finding herself struggling to play her new dual roles, this intense and thought-provoking blend of the personal and political is a one-woman tour-de-force-performance. Featuring Resident Company Member Megan Anderson.

Performances Oct 15 - Nov 16. Tickets at

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Repeats weekly Wednesday and Thursday -- until Sunday November 16, 2014.
Repeats weekly Friday and Saturday -- until Sunday November 16, 2014.
Repeats weekly Sunday and Saturday -- until Sunday November 16, 2014.


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What Others Are Saying

"QUITE THE GUT PUNCH! Megan Anderson soars...A brilliant tour de force...the exquisitely wistful effect lasts and lasts. A deeply evocative production superbly directed by Derek Goldman. It may just alter you." –Baltimore Sun
"GRIPPING! Megan Anderson scores direct hit at Everyman Theatre. Artistically, this show is as tight as a Thunderbird formation." –Baltimore Post-Examiner
"A TOUR DE FORCE PERFORMANCE! Anderson keeps you captivated for 75 minutes." –MD Theatre Guide
"SOARS HIGH...GLUING AUDIENCE MEMBERS TO THEIR SEATS! Anderson is absolutely sensational...we are mesmerized by [her] everyone move. A no-holds-barred, exceptionally enthralling tour-de-force." –DC Metro Theater Arts
"A stunning piece of theatre...Anderson is remarkable." –CultureSeen4U
"As close to perfection as is possible...a powerful, hallucinogenic experience." - What's On Stage