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The Songster Series: Abby Becker

The Songster Series: Abby Becker

Creative Alliance presents a series of free public performances, The Songster Series, designed to reveal the hidden influences that have impacted celebrated regional musicians. This series gets to the heart of who these musicians are, their musical influences, and how their sound evolved. These intimate, salon style performances take place in the Creative Alliance’s Marquee Lounge.

"Open the gate. Open it wide. A golden chain will pass through." – from the Kadya Molodowsky poem Efnt dem toyer

Baltimore singer/songwriter, poet, guitarist and violinist Abby Becker’s music projects have ranged from Americana to Cinematic Chamber Music to Experimental Rock. She credits all her musical adventures to a diverse and unique musical childhood, one informed by the square dances and Old-Time Music of her native West Virginia, her father’s professional experience with both Debussy and Chicago Blues, and especially her parents embrace of their Jewish heritage by performing Klezmer Music.

“In Yiddish,” says Becker, “Jewish tradition, including Klezmer, is referred to as a goldene keyt, a golden chain. Each one of us is a link on the chain, father, mother, sister, brother. We each add our own link, connected to the past, making possible the future.” In short, Abby Becker is a Songster. Grab a drink in the Marquee Lounge and join host Brooks Long for a fascinating conversation with Abby Becker.

This is an event that was postponed from Tue Nov 14, 2017

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Creative Alliance

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Free Admission


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