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Baltimore Rock Opera Seeks Design & Directing Roles for Space Kumite!

Space Kumite!

Production Team Position Descriptions

Designer Application Here

Production Schedule Here

The Baltimore Rock Opera Society is seeking a director, designers and production leads for our 2019 original production, Space Kumite! Interviews will begin Immediately. The selection process for the production and design team will be made by the Showrunner, Eric Church, the Art Director, Anna Platis and Production Manager, Dr. Heather Graham, in collaboration with the BROS Staff and the BROS Artistic Council. We may ask to meet with you in person before decisions are made. Final decisions will be made on a rolling basis so please apply as soon as possible! If you have specific questions about this application, please contact the BROS Production Director, Lance Bankerd, at [email protected].

Review the show pitch to learn more about Space Kumite

About the Show:

At Space Kumite the audience joins the crew of the Ilion, a generation ship on a mission to colonize deep space. The audience will guide the story of conflict between three opposing factions on the ship. The action, events and songs are spread through an open space and the audience is encouraged to follow the action as it moves. The goal is to create a feeling closer to a sporting event than theater. The audience will be free to move around, get drinks and snacks, and explore the ship.

Performance dates for Space Kumite are November 8, 9, November 15, 16, 17, November 21, 22, 23 at Peabody Heights Brewery. Builds will be focused on weekend workshops focusing on projects related to the 3 factions. Designers will be strongly encouraged to check-in at rehearsals so that they are familiar with how their designs are actually getting used.

What you get:

As a Department Leader or Designer on a BROS Production, you get a chance to help shape a completely original, interactive musical theater piece. You’ll be expected to bring high-quality designs that strive to get as close to professional production standards as possible in a community theater environment.

Cash stipend TBD ($80-$125)

  • Experience with large-scale theatrical production
  • Professional photographs and video documentation of your work
  • Coaching & Peer mentorship as you progress through concept, design, acquiring materials, leading a team of skilled volunteers in build, install and
  • Home Cooked meals for every night of tech week and shows (most positions are not required to be present at shows)

Open Positions:


We’re looking for a Director with experience with devised theater. Space Kumite is a show with a different outcome every night, so there is a storyboard, rather than a ‘script’. The Director will work with the cast Showrunner and Writing Team tol shape the various narratives of the show. The Director will work with the Art Director to ensure that the action works with the various visual elements of the show. Must love epic 80s scifi and martial arts movies.

Costume Assistant:

Assists the Costume Designer. Good for gaining experience or taking on a smaller but meaningful workload.

Wigs, Hair & Makeup (WHAM) Designer:

The WHAM Designer will work closely with the art director and costumes designer(s) to determine the look of the show. Heavily involved during show runs and also in overall design. This person should be able to teach crew, FOH and Band to recreate their own looks.

Graphic content :

A designer who creates illustrations and other content that is evocative of the world of Space Kumite. SPECIFICALLY: We would like to find someone who can create a futuristic map of the ILION, the gigantic spaceship that is the home of all the characters in Space Kumite. Think Star Trek! This designer should be able to reproduce their work digitally in order to aid with any graphic or printed needs as well as the director’s needs for areas of storytelling, projected graphics or other medium. This person should have an appreciation for professional wrestling and feel capable of recreating the look and feel of 80s sci-fi, martial arts and action movies in an illustrated form.

Volunteer Coordinator:

The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for connecting volunteers to Department Leaders in their areas of interest and for maintaining high levels of volunteer engagement and enthusiasm. The VC tracks hours and contact information for every volunteer involved in the show. This person is also responsible for gathering information for the volunteer newsletter, No Floaters, by staying on top of weekly departmental emails. The VC plans and coordinates all activities related to volunteer rewards and compensation. This includes volunteer parties or potlucks, volunteer rewards, and/or any other activities decided on by the VC. This role works closely and will be supported by the BROS Staff members and Executive Director

SPECIAL PROJECT: Human Body Sculpture

Space Kumite’s sculptor is in charge of a single special project to create a life-size deceased human body to the art director and show director’s specifications. This body, housed in a giant white coffin will be a crucial part of the show’s narrative action and will be featured in the show every night. People can apply to this role as a solo or a team. The BROS staff and production team will make sure this sculptor is adequately supported with a budget, supplies and building space to accomplish the project. They will also be supported by the show’s Set Designer.

Employer Name:
Baltimore Rock Opera Society (BROS)
Job Title:
Designers & Director for Space Kumite
Employer Contact Information:
[email protected]
Job Submission Requirements:
email your interest to [email protected], fill out the designer application at the link above.

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