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Viva Brazil! Mid-Winter Carnival Dance Party

Viva Brazil! Mid-Winter Carnival Dance Party

Our annual mid-winter Carnival celebration with costumed dancers, dance lesson and more.


Nation Beat

Forró. Funk. Brass. Pounded by calloused hands; blasted by tight grooves. It calls across time and continents - with a response from hips and feet. It’s the force that blew through Louis Armstrong in the twenties. It’s the power that gets Brazilians swinging in the streets for carnival.

Nation Beat singularly conjures up this elemental musical mojo, drawing on the wellsprings of rhythm that lit up jazz and got maracatu thundering. Nation Beat takes off with be-bop-via-Brazil drumming; propelled by percussive bursts of New Orleans-flavored brass. But forget the musical history; this is music to make you dance.

SAT FEB 29 | 8PM | $18, $15 MEMBERS ( +$3 over the phone, online, or at the door)

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Creative Alliance

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Saturday, February 29, 2020, 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM


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