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The Southeast Community Development Corporation Call for Proposals


Project Overview
The Southeast Community Development Corporation (Southeast CDC) is excited to release this request for
proposals from muralists for an installation on the Felco Packaging Co. tower in Southeast Baltimore, located
at 4001 E. Baltimore Street. Proposals for artwork will be reviewed by a panel of community representatives,
the property owner, and local arts professionals.

The Southeast CDC is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Highlandtown that promotes healthy,
vibrant, and diverse communities in Southeast Baltimore through creative community development
projects and proven programs. Our work is multi-layered and accomplished with partners throughout
the communities we serve – residents, community organizations, schools, anchor institutions,
government, and businesses. Our staff provides homeownership counseling, connect resources to local
public schools, and implement neighborhood Placemaking projects.

Some of our well-known Placemaking projects include the “BUS” and “Estamos Aqui” sculptural bus
stops (at East Ave./Eastern Ave. and Baltimore St./Highland Ave. respectively). Additionally, our
organization has produced numerous murals throughout Southeast Baltimore, including “Alfie la
Quinta Estrella” by Pablo Machioli, which won “Best Mural” in Baltimore Magazine in 2018.
Our work is typically focused along transit and business corridors; the Lombard Street corridor from
Conkling Street to Haven is the focus of this project, which will also include commercial façade
improvements, pedestrian-level streetscape improvements, and public art installations. This project is
funded by the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development’s Baltimore Regional
Neighborhood Initiative.

Scope of Work
The mural location is a three-story elevator tower at the Felco Packaging Company’s warehouse/office,
visible from all sides by visitors approaching the area and from many blocks away. The four walls are
approximately 20’x30’ (2) and 40’x30’ (2). The tower is set back from the building edge; three sides are
accessible via a boom lift, one side may require scaffolding (see photos on the last page of this document).
The roof is accessed via the building’s freight elevator and a narrow door. The building has a new rubber
roof; care must be taken to prevent any damage to the roof by placing a sturdy, non-abrasive plywood
subfloor below scaffolding and in the work area.

Neighborhood Context
This building is located at the intersection of Haven and East Baltimore Streets among a collection of industrial
buildings – some are active manufacturing sites and others are being renovated and repurposed. This
intersection is the northeast gateway to the Highlandtown Arts and Entertainment District, one of three arts
districts in the city. The building sits adjacent to a historic railroad line that delivered materials and animals for
local factories and slaughterhouses. The Felco Company originally produced textile bags; burlap fabric was
unloaded from the railcars directly onto sewing tables where it was cut and stitched into large bags to hold
products like seed and grain. Thanks to available work at Highlandtown’s factories, the neighborhood was
settled by ethnic European immigrants. Today, Highlandtown is still known as a neighborhood of immigrants,
with new residents arriving from Mexico and Central America. In March 2017 the Highlandtown Community
Association signed a resolution affirming their commitment to be a welcoming neighborhood for all people. For
a longer version of the community’s history, visit

Design requirements
The committee requests a cohesive, positive, eye-catching concept that includes all four sides of the tower. The
design need not incorporate the bottom panels of the west-facing side, which is only visible from within the
property’s parking lot. The tower’s location in a cultural hub and arts district in a changing section of the city
and its prominent height should be reflected in the conceptual design. As this is a Placemaking project, the
design should be easily readable from a distance and help to bring definition to the area. Artists must plan to
prime the mural walls, use high quality mural-grade exterior paint, and apply an anti-graffiti coating on the
lower 10 feet of three walls that are adjacent to the roof.

Project Timeline

  1. Wednesday, February 13th RFP release date
  2. Sunday, March 17th Application deadline
  3. Wednesday, April 17t h Notification of selection
  4. April 2019 Meeting with mural review team and artist to refine concept
  5. May 2019 Designs finalized
  6. Early Summer 2019 Painting/installation


All applications must be submitted to [email protected] by 11:59 PM, Sunday, March 17, 2019.
Incomplete or late submissions will not be considered.

Proposal Requirements
Complete applications require the following materials:

1. Applicant Information

Please attach a one to two-page artist CV or resume (PDF) for all artists included in this application.
Please include contact information for at least two professional references who we can reach out
to with questions about their experience working with you/the team.

2. Work Sample(s)

Up to five samples of previous, relevant work. Experience in successfully completing public art
projects of this scale is required; because of the unique site requirements, artists with previous experience on multi-story surfaces and with scaffolding will be given preference. Please include a
separate page with descriptions of the attached sample work detailing the work title, dimensions,
location, and date/year of fabrication. The work samples can be in the form of an attachment (PDF, JPEG or PNG; 25MB max per
attachment, 125MB total for the whole application) or link to the work online.

3. Conceptual Plan

This portion should include a short description of why the applicant(s) is interested in participating
in this project and a general proposal for the treatment, including sketches and a discussion of the
themes presented.

4. Budget
This portion should include a general estimate of the project’s expenses, broken down by
category. We have preliminary estimates that an appropriately-sized lift (with 80’ arm) and
scaffolding would cost $5,000-$6,000. The anti-graffiti coating has already been purchased for
use on this project.

Proposals will be reviewed by a group of stakeholders including representatives from the Highlandtown
Community Association, Highlandtown Arts and Entertainment District, Highlandtown Business
Association’s Design Committee, Creative Alliance, and Southeast CDC. Each member of the
committee will independently evaluate and score on a scale of 1-5. The committee will select a finalist
from the proposals that received the highest scores.

The budget for this project is $25,000. $1,000 will be made available at the time of signing the contract to
cover initial design expenses. This budget is all inclusive, and includes all professional services and
deliverables, including but not limited to artist or team compensation, materials, transportation, insurance,
permits, scaffolding/lifts, etc. The scale of the proposed project should realistically fall within this budget
and deadlines outlined here and include compensation for the artist or team.

The selected artist will be required to provide a certificate of workmans compensation insurance and a
certificate of general liability insurance with $1,000,000 in coverage upon signing a contract for this project,
with both the property owner and Southeast CDC endorsed on the general liability coverage.

For questions regarding this RFP and the application process please contact Molly McCullagh at
[email protected] or 410-342-3234 x 35.


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